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At Kasey Davis Dentistry, we also recommend routine cleanings alongside your exam. We provide comfortable, gentle hygiene cleanings, specifically to detect, deter and prevent gum disease. If we find a cause for concern, we may recommend a deep cleaning to remove tartar below the gum line, smooth out surfaces where plaque builds up, and eliminate bacterial infection. Routine cleanings are important in order to detect possible health risks such as oral cancer and gum disease, to prevent tooth loss, to eliminate bad breath, and to have a brighter, whiter smile.

In order to maintain the best oral health possible, regular, comprehensive dental exams are a necessity. In fact, the American Dental Association recommends that you visit your dentist at least twice a year. Regular exams are vital to assess possible problems such as gum disease, oral cancer, cavity development, and replacing worn out dental work such as fillings and discolored crowns. Catching problems early will prevent bigger problems from developing, which will end up saving you time and money.


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