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50% of the population put dental care at the bottom of their priority list due to anxiety over having dental work done on their teeth. Oral Conscious Sedation is a safe and simple way to significantly reduce or eliminate dental fear and anxiety. It is as easy as taking a pill!


You will feel relaxed and at ease during your procedure, have little to no memory of it, and never have to worry about going to the dentist in fear again. 


  • What is Conscious Sedation?
    For conscious sedation, we use sedation medications that alleviate the anxiety and fear of a dental visit. You are sedated orally about an hour prior to your procedure with a pill. You do not actually sleep during the treatment. You will be awake and able to respond to commands. However, you will most likely not remember the dental visit. With conscious sedation, time seems to pass very quickly, so hours feel like minutes. It’s a great option if you want to do all or most of your treatment in one long visit.
  • Who Can Benefit from Oral Sedation Dentistry?
    There are so many reasons a patient would choose to take advantage of being sedated during their dental procedures. These include anyone who suffers from dental phobia or anxiety, have experienced traumatic past dental treatments, have a severe fear of needles, do not get numb easily, need a large amount of dental work completed, have a strong gag reflex, have extremely sensitive teeth, and dislike the sounds, sights and smells associated with dental treatment and/or a dental office.
  • Will someone need to accompany me to my appointment?
    Yes. You will need an adult (18 years or older) to drive you to and from your appointment. Your companion should stay with you for the duration of the day.
  • Will I be monitored?
    Absolutely. Your vital signs will be taken throughout the sedation appointment, and you will never be left unattended.
  • How long will I remain sedated after my appointment?
    Everyone’s recovery time is different based on your body, as well as the medications and dosages used. Plan on relaxing at home for the remainder of the day after your appointment. We also recommend no driving or working for 24 hours.
  • Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?
    Yes! There is very low risk associated with sedation dentistry. We will first do a thorough check of your medical history to make sure you are a good candidate!
  • More Questions?
    We would love to answer any other questions you have about conscious sedation! Please call us to set up a consultation.
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Dr. Davis is a proud member of DOCS, Dental Organization of Conscious Sedation

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